Granada, Spain

Whilst I was studying most of the time at the local Spanish/ English school, there was definitely enough time to explore the city and main sights. In my opinion, you can’t go to Granada without visiting the Alhambra which is kind of like an ancient castle and set of Arabic buildings and architecture. I don’t know the individual price of the tickets as it was included in my trip however I do know that it isn’t too costly as there are many deals for groups or families.

The whole Arabic feel to Granada certainly doesn’t remain purely in the Alhambra as throughout the city are various markets selling silk scarves and handmade backpacks and spices in cute little jars, there are also quite a few mud baths and spa baths that my classmates really enjoyed.

During my trip, everyday was tapas which was DIVINE as the supervisor on the trip was a native from Granada so knew all the best tapas places and restaurants which unfortunately I can’t remember the names of, annoyingly! 

In terms of getting to Granada, my school flew to Malaga then took a coach to Granada which if I remember correctly took 2 and a half hours . . .

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  1. Cassie says:

    Aw such a nice yet cute website with great pics and plus you didn’t spell even one word wrong


    1. theexoticbutterfly says:

      LOL thank you! Spell check saving me over here


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