Seville, Spain

In July I had the excitement of visiting Seville with a friend as a “Reward for end of exams”. From running out of money on day 3 to cramming 10 kg of food in my handbag, it was certainly eventful. The first thing that struck me about Seville was how spread out everything seemed to be, it took a while to find locations because THERE ARE BRIDGES EVERYWHERE AND IT FEELS LIKE YOU ARE WALKING IN CIRCLES. However it is so worth it.

On day 1 we stumbled across Isla Mágica, a large theme park which has previously undergone renovation. To be honest I was let down by the rides as it seemed more suited to very young children, except from one ride which had me screaming the entire duration . . . . .  look out for the roller-coaster. All day tickets for adults are 29 euros and 20 euros for half a day until close. I would say half a day is rushed if you want to see all the park but if you are an adult you probably won’t be longer than an hour in the park.

The majority of the holiday was spent looking at all the beautiful sights such as Plaza de España and Plaza del Torros as well as the cathedrals which were my personal favorite as the design and architecture really stood out. The days also consisted of me trying every single frozen yogurt place I could lay my hands on.

OH MY GOODNESS THE CHURROS SEALED THE TRIP FOR ME, AS WELL AS DISCOVERING TOSTA RICA IN CHOCOLATE ( The sweetest and butteriest biscuits which become seriously addictive, just ask everyone I have converted to them)

The hotel I stayed at, Monte Triana, was in such a good location as it was 15 minutes from the city and the hotel has a shortcut to the outskirts of the city as we annoyingly found out towards the end of our trip. Everything was in walking distance and the weather hit 43 degrees in June which is dreamy if you want to tan in short bursts like me.

Worth checking out? Yes if you want to look at pretty architecture and scenery

  • Affordable? Hotel and flights were about £200 for 5 nights and I took 150 euros spending money, for me personally this was pricey
  • Any downsides? I feel I wasted my spending money a little on souvenirs and endless food which I brought back home, who needs 3 bags of dried toast bread and a kilo of rice? Me it seems  . .  

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