Kiev, Ukraine

I travel to Ukraine a lot. Every summer I visit Kiev and it still amazes me just how different it is to my usual lifestyle. Ukraine is all about the pretty churches and markets and I really recommend certain festivals such as the religious festivals taking place in August where you can buy local cheese, honey and bread. Also if you are a kid at heart like me, I really recommend going to the Ukrainian circus as Ukrainians and Russians are known to be really good at gymnastics so it’s always such a show.

My family stays with my granddad who has the luxury of living extremely close to the city. The main street, the Krishatik, has virtually everything. Rows of banks and shops and underground tunnels, it is perfect for socializing and seeing the sights such as street memorials. Also there is a hidden beach about 10 minutes away which can be reached by exploring the natural park that boasts so much space it kind of covers the whole of the central city. The natural park has so many exits and entrances that you cover a lot of Kiev by looking around.

Admittedly while all the food is really natural (microwave meals virtually don’t exist) it tends to be a little bland as in potatoes, bread and meat. Don’t go to Ukraine if you are a foodie to be honest though as it isn’t exactly exciting in my opinion.

One important thing, I know that Ukraine has been in the media a lot for political reasons and attacks…. This hasn’t posed danger to me personally however much of the city is still destroyed and I would not talk about politics in public as it is kind of controversial topic for many in the city. However the languages spoken in Ukraine can cause arguments as the Russian language is sometimes met with an odd glance by some people whilst others don’t have a problem with it. Russian is understood perfectly fine though.

Another place worth going to is ” Park Shivshenka” which also has a lot of events, concerts and friendly protests in the day whilst having live entertainment in the evening. The metro is a 2 minute walk and McDonald’s is just around the corner .. ..

Worth checking out? Yes for the churches alone! 

  • Affordable? 100%, the local currency isn’t high so you can get a lot with the pound, euro or dollar. For example, with the equivalent of £1 you can get a full McDonald’s meal 
  • Any downsides? Some political unrest, the language barrier and perhaps the food

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