Kiev, Ukraine

I travel to Ukraine a lot. Every summer I visit Kiev, yet each time I discover new things to explore. You’ve got all the picturesque and historical churches. The rows and rows of paintings at the open galleries. The entertaining summer performances. The endless photo opportunities. The energetic nightlife. You’ve even got a small beach. Kiev, or Ukraine in general, is a place which is often slept on, so this is your sign to explore the city.

Shevchenko park is where you’ll want to go to start your morning. It’s the perfect place to eat your breakfast with a view. You’ll see fountains, historical statues, pancake stands with traditional Ukrainian fillings, and a playground to keep the little ones busy. From here, you’ll be a short walk to the main hustle and bustle of the city – The Khreschatyk.

At this location, you’ll be within walking distance to virtually everything. This is where you should go for shopping, as there are plenty of high-street offerings as well as underground malls. The area is also a good spot for grabbing lunch, as there are multiple restaurants, coffee shops and food stands to fuel you up. If you’re visiting in the evening, you’ll want a piece of the action here when it comes to nightlife.

The Khreschatyk’s location is also appealing for heading to the beach, which can be found by walking through the natural garden parks. In fact, I’d encourage you to spend some time here before you make your way to the beach. I won’t give you too many spoilers but let’s just say an exceptional bird’s eye view of the city can be seen.

Some other sites you might want to check out are ‘Sophia’s Cathedral’ for one of the most beautiful churches in Kiev, ‘Golden Gate’ for architecture and ‘Pechersk Lavra’ for World Heritage Site status. If you’re still unsure, Kiev is incredibly affordable to visit. You’ll get a lot for your money.

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