Palamos, Spain

I fell in love with this city. To be honest I haven’t had heard of it prior to my trip but it turned out to be the highlight of my October month. It is probably about an hour and a half driving from Barcelona and has such a traditional Spanish feel. You need to see this beautiful city to believe it.

I stayed with family so don’t know much about hotels and accommodation etc . .  but what I can say is that the city is very close together so everything is within good location. I became hooked on the little side streets and ice-cream parlours that were virtually dotted around every single corner.

The beach though is the real attraction. Pure blue waters and a fresh breeze, I felt completely calm and relaxed just looking at the towering castles nearby the waters. The views are one of a kind. In October it was still very warm ( Think t-shirt and sandals) however towards the evening the air gets a little cooler making it ideal to go for walks as the heat dies down.

I felt like Palamos doesn’t have many tourists as it has a traditional Spanish type of atmosphere but this is perfect if you want to escape. This isn’t the type of place I would want to visit alone as i feel it is the type of place perfect for enjoying with families or couples as it is really romantic and relaxing. However I was blown away by the friendliness and warmth of the locals so felt completely at ease in the city.

  • Worth checking out? YES- This was probably my favorite destination of all my travels so far
  • Affordable? Yes flights were £120 for two people for 7 days
  • Any downsides? Sometimes it feels a little like a proper seaside town complete with fisherman and trinket stalls . .  I lived in Brighton so want to escape this 

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