Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is top of my list to visit again as I didn’t make the most of it when I went as I was with family of another person. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to visit La Sagrada Familia which is one of the most well-known buildings.

However there are advantages of going with natives as they are able to take you to places tourists will not know or find, for example I climbed an old set of stairs and could see all of Barcelona from the very top and that was something I will always remember as it is such a beautiful view. I didn’t experience the night-life much as I am personally not into all of that so can’t comment much on the topic however I do know that the city was heaving with people drinking and in bars during the night all through to the early morning.

I wasn’t in Barcelona very long so I am hoping to update this post when I next visit however from what I saw it seems that there is a bit of everything. Sandy beaches, clubs, shopping, sight-seeing, warm climate, Barcelona has it all.

  • Worth checking out? Yes- perfect for everyone
  • Affordable? Yes- A return ticket cost £45 for me
  • Any downsides? Make sure you have some knowledge of what you want to see so you don’t miss anything

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